The Educatis Solution

Adressing your Sustainability Challenges

The Challenge

Companies increasingly want or need to embrace sustainable business practices, driven, for instance, by customer demands or regulatory changes.
Sustainability principles are also recognised as being good for business, for example by minimising exposure to climate-related risks and gaining a long-term competitive advantage.

Our Solution

At Educatis we bundle independently verified knowledge and practical experience on technical and social innovations to solve environmental problems and make them available to companies and organisations on our platform at low cost.

Your sustainability journey

Know your footprint: we provide you with the know-how to quantify your organisation’s environmental impact along the complete value chain.

Set targets: we enable you to set sustainability targets based on science and in line with your company’s priorities.

Take action: Our practical courses empower you to efficiently manage your environmental challenges and take concrete steps to effectively achieve your organisation’s long-term sustainability goals.

The Educatis Path

Your industry, your challenges: our courses are created by experts who understand their industry’s needs.

Learn efficiently on our online platform: we focus on practical knowledge and actionable solutions.

Put it into practice: get started immediately by implementing your new know-how in your organisation.

Continue the journey: additional resources and the growing Educatis network help you go further.

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