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Educatis was a social enterprise with the vision to support the ecological transformation of economy and society and the mission to propose companies and political or social organisations worldwide innovative and quality-assured technical and social solutions so that they can identify and solve the ecological challenges efficiently and effectively.​ Unfortunately, no investors could be found for the implementation of the project, which is why it was discontinued in September 2023.

For innovators worldwide, the Educatis platform should become the first choice for the dissemination of innovations, knowledge, and experiences to solve environmental problems.

With relevant best practice examples and scientifically based e-learning seminars developed by outstanding partners as well as with discussions, we aimed to comprehensively address the key issues of sustainable management, social change, and environmental technologies.

The project was taken over by Prof. Dr. K. Theile GmbH. The trademark “educatis”, which is protected in 70 countries worldwide, can be purchased at a reasonable price.

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