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With buildings responsible for about 40% of global CO2 emissions, the construction sector is best placed to produce long-lasting positive impacts. Our courses address sustainability opportunities along the complete life cycle of the built environment.

Our courses offer state-of-the-art solutions from experts across the industry

Course examples

Implementing green building frameworksIntroduction to certification schemes (Passivhaus, Minergie, DGNP, LEED, BREEAM). Processes and tools for implementation. Case studies.
Materials for sustainable constructionLowering the carbon-footprint of traditional building materials (concrete, steel).
Natural building materials in modern construction. Emerging materials.
Recycling and reuse.
Digitalisation as a sustainability enablerDigital tools and platform technologies for increased efficiency and sustainable productivity.
Vertical and horizontal integration of processes within and among organisation.
Sustainable energy technologyBuildings as power stations. Practical advice and tools for tailored energy solutions (generation, storage).
Circular buildingsDesign for circularity.
Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to optimise material inputs.
Net-positive impact during the use-phase.

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