Shared values

Educatis’ behaviour and focus is founded on a universal set of values. These values shape our commitments and our mission.


Educatis gears its activities towards the needs of humankind, nature, and society in equal measure. It thus reflects the conviction that research and education will serve life only when contributing to the sustainable improvement of the circumstances of society, while preserving the ecosystem of Earth.

Human behaviour should never occur at another’s expense, rather for the sustainable benefit of all. This requires the awareness, respect and appreciation of other cultures and mentalities. Educatis has implemented the ten principles in Higher Education established by the UN Global Compact and is constantly enlarging its international network with partners that will use their combined knowledge and experience to contribute to a better overall understanding of global economic, social and cultural interactions

The co-development of innovative ideas in education and research aid in successfully addressing the enormous challenges faced by humankind today, whilst helping define the path towards sensible and sustainable development for current and future civilisations. Educatis’ endeavour is grounded in the multicultural and democratic tradition of Switzerland.

Core Mission

The core mission of Educatis can be summarised in six main points:


We adhere to the ten principles in Higher Education established by the UN Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and fighting corruption.

Exchange of Knowledge

We offer our clients an excellent, comprehensive, and internationally oriented training and exchange of experiences. The scientific, practical and social skills acquired by our clients, paired with a clear emphasis on the importance of sustainability, enable them to take on responsibility for the common good on a civic, economic and societal level.


We maintain a global focus and seek exchange with leading professional and researchers from all continents and cultures. Tapping into our resource of cultural diversity enables us to gain new insights and generate new approaches to solving problems.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

We are a service provider to society. Therefore, our structures and processes are efficient and effective – geared to ensure the highest benefit to our stakeholders, the financial independence of the company and to enable development and growth.

Innovation and Quality

We develop innovative, critical and convincing solutions for the problems of our time. Our performance is based on the international standards by which we measure our success.

Strengthening our Unique Culture

We promote an internationally-oriented structure and culture, whilst offering staff and partners an environment shaped in the spirit of cooperation and partnership. Equal opportunities for both women and men are ensured and promoted across all areas of the company.