General information on offered courses

Educatis offers an extensive selection of demanding online courses for professionals worldwide to develop and pursue their career, with no prerequisites for enrolment.

Courses are presented in two learning styles:

e-Learning Seminars (one-to-many)

These seminars are pure self-study courses, i. e. clients may enrol at any time and learn at own pace.

e-Learning Colloquia (one-to-few)

Colloquia are courses comprising tutorials and online conferences, and are conducted with a limited group of participants. They start on a defined date and time, and last for three to five days. Fluency in written and spoken English is required to keep pace with assignments, group interactions, and classroom discussions.

Courses are categorised in three levels:

Basic (core) level

These courses provide fundamental knowledge. Target clients include professionals who need to familiarise themselves with a new topic.

Focus (advanced) level

These courses offer focused knowledge for professionals with specialist backgrounds seeking to deepen or ‘update’ their expertise and experience in a certain field.

Specialised level

These courses centre on a very specific topic and are thusly aimed towards experts and small groups of professionals. They are also offered on topics that are highly relevant to senior management.

Courses are classified in two lengths:

Mini courses normally last one day (prepared online conferences).

Regular courses normally last between two and five days.

The access to the e-Campus (e-Shop and Learning Management System) is possible during a period of 24 months after the purchase date of the product (course or programme).

Assessments and grading

Each course includes several tests (multiple-choice questions) at the end of a chapter or at the end of the course. These are intended to help participants self-assess their level of comprehension. Participants obtaining a final score of at least 80% will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Tuition fees

Educatis suggests standardised tuition fee levels according to the World Bank classification (high-, mid- and low-income countries).  The tuition fees are shown in the e-shop.