Welcome to Educatis

The Educatis team is pleased to welcome you to our website, and introduce to you our institution, its courses and programmes. Our aim is to inspire and trigger new ideas and projects to share expertise between professionals around the globe.

Our Mission

Expertise by its very nature must remain current to remain competitive. Whilst the Internet offers endless information on virtually every topic imaginable, the exchange of specific knowledge between experts is rare. Educatis is a leading global education platform with international recognition for its high quality multilingual courses and programmes, all of which support our vision of sharing knowledge amongst professionals.

The Educatis Experience

Nowadays, outstanding qualifications are prerequisite to pursuing a professional career. Our distance education offerings fill the gap for individuals and corporations, allowing them to overcome the constraints of time, locality and financial resources without having to compromise on quality. Educatis offers clients a unique proposition: a high Swiss Quality yet cost-effective education. As a truly global institution, Educatis offers clients an outstanding and unique experience.

Pioneers in Science and Practice

Courses are created by professionals and are topical, practically-orientated and contain the latest research and findings.

A Personal Touch

E-learning colloquia offer participants the live exchange of knowledge in a virtual conference room.

Make International Friends

Fellow professionals from other cultures and nationalities are waiting for you. Becoming a member of Educatis’ international community benefits professionals by building a professional peer-to-peer network on a global scale.

Value for Clients

Both course creation and delivery take place exclusively online. By harnessing the efficiency of the Internet, Educatis can save significantly on costs. These savings are passed onto you, the client.

Renowned Faculty

Educatis courses are developed and proposed by outstanding professionals in their fields of expertise. As a global institution, our faculty is truly international.

Our History

Our predecessor was Educatis University, whose pioneering e-learning concept has been expanded by Educatis Ltd. to feature a broader focus.

The eCampus

The Educatis eCampus is an easy to use yet powerful online-learning platform and provides your personal learning environment. The Leaning Management System is based on Moodle, which offers extensive learning features.


We are proud to be a truly international institution with a thriving community of clients, content providers and representatives from every corner of the world. Even though Educatis is an internet based institution which offers the eCourses of qualified professionals and programs, development of personal contact with clients is very important to us. We always support our clients with a personal touch and keep them up-to-date with valuable information.

Educatis has also set up a constantly expanding network of representatives around the globe. These are responsible for national or regional sales, providing exceptional customer support and performing market research to better match local educational needs.

Our team is already represented in several countries and we plan to add more shortly. We are delighted to welcome new representatives for Educatis. Please contact us for further details.